FirstWorks Soccer Club (Invincible) 

FirstWorks Soccer Club is the competitive soccer sector of the non-profit organization FirstWorks Soccer Inc. FSC offers a fun competitive soccer program in the west Atlanta area. 

Our Invincible Academy Program trains group ages U8 through U12 to compete. Our FSC Select Program provides training to teams U13 through U19. The philosophy at FSC is to focus the on development of each child on the fundamentals of soccer. We emphasize technique that is translated into improving each players fundamental acumen. 

Our goal is to give each child the opportunity to access their full potential on and off the soccer field. At FirstWorks Soccer Club, building character is the foundation of what we do. We focus on giving back, community service, and relational character (compassion, patience, kindness, self-control, humility, dependability, and integrity). 



FirstWorks Soccer Juniors School Program

FSC Juniors Program, a school-based soccer program, working with local schools. We will assist K-8 grade institutions with managing their soccer program, providing and overseeing coaches’ activities for their grade teams. We focus on building strong character, and implementing an introductory soccer program for grades K-8. In doing so, we are building relationships that could potentially carry over to the FirstWorks Soccer programs and Georgia Soccer teams.

o     Play fun games developing kids in basic soccer skills with the FSC philosophy. 

o     Each Student will be given a soccer ball to take home to practice and bring back, as well as youtube video links on how to juggle.

o     Participants will be invited to participate in a community soccer team or as a school participate in either Luke Sports School’s league or Atlanta Public School Leagues if eligible according to age.



FirstRefs Program

Our Referee Certification Program teaches life skills as well as financial literacy to the youth. Since our first launch of the program in 2016, we have certified 40 referees who have refereed over 3,000 assignments with a combined earning of over $60,000.

Certifying youths as referees has many benefits. They must demonstrate leadership, responsibility, and accountability. This is preparing them for the work world, as they must attend games on time for officiating, be properly dressed, and manage their earned income.

o    Send 20 players per year to obtain Georgia Soccer referee certification and place them in surrounding leagues
o    Help players to obtain ID Cards, open bank accounts, and budget finances

Career Exposure

By exposing our youth to college environment and students, we are positioning them to think of their future in terms of things outside their community. FWS encourages our students to pursue education past high school provides extra security for their future, positioning them to be able to maintain gainful employment and become a positive part of their communities. This could potentially end a generational cycle of poverty for many participating families, as well as impact high school drop-out rates for our communities. 

o    Attend Emory University  Soccer Games in the Fall
o    Emory University will host a Soccer Camp in the Spring
o    Expose players to unique career opportunities

o    Incenting youths to succeed in school


Community service and giving back, encourages our members and participants to live selfless lives. If we accomplish these, we will be building individuals who work well with others and treat others the way they want to be treated. 

o    10-15 minutes discussions at practices on (Love, Patience, Kindness, Service, Humility, Dependability, Self-Control)
o    Once a year community service project