FirstWorks Travel Team
o    Started the first neighborhood travel team of 16 – 20 players between the ages of 11-15 from various west-side Atlanta neighborhoods participating in a Georgia Soccer travel recreation league in Metro Atlanta.

o     Will grow to 5 teams (U12,U14,U16,U19) by Fall 2019.

o     Will work with a local park to establish a U10 program to serve as a feeder to the travel team.


Soccer Referee Program
o    Send 20 players per year to obtain Georgia Soccer referee certification and place them in surrounding leagues
o    Help players to obtain ID Cards, open bank accounts, and budget finances

Field Trips
o    Attend Emory University  Soccer Games in the Fall
o    Emory University will host a Soccer Camp in the Spring

Career Exposure
o    Expose players to unique career opportunities

o    Incenting youths to succeed in school

o    10-15 minutes discussions at practices on (Love, Patience, Kindness, Service, Humility, Dependability, Self-Control)
o    Once a year community service project