FirstWorks Soccer Inc. is using Soccer, Exposure and Character to achieve 100% High School graduation, 100% referee certification for youth and to be the best inner-city soccer program in the United States.

Read the Life-Changing Story of Decoda, a 17 year old young man in west-Atlanta whose life has been affected by the soccer program.



2017 Spring

Grew to two teams U14 and U16 team (grew from 19 to 27 players, or 40-45 if including our partner organization and referees).

Won our first game in the Georgia Soccer travel rec league.

Certified six new referees bringing our total certified since 2016 to 10.

Grew coaching pool to six with four already certified.

Successfully recruited eight new players from neighborhood schools through outreach.

Partnered with two others to provide two community middle school soccer equipment.

Provided soccer coaches to two neighborhood schools, one making the final four.

Helped a student failing in math pass and get promoted to the 9th grade.

Seven active referees officiated 165 games in and around metro Atlanta.

Established a partnership with Atlanta’s professional soccer team (Played at their opening ground ceremony, took over 20 players to a game, and hosted one of their U15/U16 academy players and coach at our awards ceremony)

Emory university hosted our second annual Spring Break soccer camp (http://www.emoryathletics.com/sports/msoc/2016-17/releases/20170412e014x4)

Emory University Men’s coach employed one of our youth as a staff at their Summer Boys’ camp.

Five players will attend the Emory University Boys’ camp.

Georgia State University men’s soccer team visited our training ground

Read a book about the life of Ben Carson

Players consistently demonstrated on and off the field the character we encourage and teach at practices (Love, Patience, Kindness, Service, Humility, Self-Control, Dependability)

2016 Fall
Started a Georgia Soccer Recreational Travel team with 21 players signed-up.

Recruited 24 players for the City of Refuge Inc. soccer teams.
Attended Emory University Soccer Game on September 17th.
Attended Georgia State University Soccer Game on October 8th.
Played a total of 9 games against opponents of different clubs.

Certified 2 additional referees to increase our number of referees to 4.

Four referees Officiated 170 games for 2016.

Run weekly character building sessions.

Held 3 parent engagement meetings.

2016 Spring ( As City of Refuge Soccer Director)
Added a third team
Recruited a total of six females
Had 15 returning players from the past three seasons
Grew from 23 to 27 players
Georgia State University Men’s and Women’s Soccer program ran soccer clinics
Soccer team attended a mini-soccer clinic at Emory University’s campus (http://www.emoryathletics.com/sports/msoc/2015-16/releases/CityofRefugeClinic)
Three players attending the Emory University’s 2016 summer soccer camp
Three players attending a 3-day FCA Soccer Camp
Certified two teenaged referees who officiated games in three different leagues
Ran weekly bible studies
Raised more than $4000 in new support since Spring 2015
Champions in the U10 division
Third Place in the U13 division

2015 Spring ( As City of Refuge Soccer Director)
Added a U10 team
Grew from 11 to 21 players
Team volunteered at City of Refuge 5K run
Sent two players to 3-day FCA Camp
Ran weekly bible studies
Finalists in the U10 division
Semi-finalist in the U13 division

2015 Fall ( As City of Refuge Soccer Director)
Grew from 21 to 23 players
Team attended an architect workshop
Team participated in a reading competition
Ran weekly bible studies
Champions in the U10 division
Semi-Finalist in the U13 division

2014 Fall ( As City of Refuge Soccer Director)
Initiated U13 team of 11 players to participate in the FCA Urban Soccer League
Raised money to donate to ALS research and cure
Ran weekly bible studies
Conducted a bible verse memorization competition
Finalist in the U13 division