About Us

FWS Monthly Referee Huddle Event

Our Mission

To develop youth leaders in under-served Metro Atlanta communities through employment, exposure, and character while teaching the beautiful game of soccer.


To lead under-served youths to prosperity and success.


  • 100% Effort on and off the field.
  • 100% High School graduation and career pursuit.
  • 100% Employment as soccer referees.

Three Pillars

  • Soccer – We promote healthy living through teaching the fundamentals of the game.
  • Exposure – We provide youth employment around Metro Atlanta, college field trips, professional soccer games, etc
  • Character – We model Love, Patience, Kindness, Service, Dependability, Humility, Self-control

Our Dreams 

  • We make soccer “second nature” and affordable in under-served communities.
  • *We increase self-esteem of  through participation in an organized and supportive program of team activities.
  • *We build positive social and life skills.
  • *We create a fun environment for each player to enjoy.
  • We develop players who could play at the college level.
  • We create employment opportunities for all our youths.

Our Challenge

  • 40% Below the National Poverty Level
  • 60% of Murders in Atlanta Occur in the neighborhood
  • 50% graduate from high school. Most not prepared for college
  • 73% live in single family homes.


*US Soccer for Success Program



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