About Us

Our Purpose

Provide a viable mechanism and funding stream to support transformation of low-income youths and families through the game of soccer and life skills training.

Our Mission

Transforming lives of low-income youths and families through the game of soccer and life skills training.

  Our Values

  • Honesty – We desire to live with integrity by doing what we say we will do.
  • Character – We put others before ourselves.
  • Education – We encourage reading, writing, science, and math .
  • Life Purpose – We help guide each youth in pursuing a career that aligns with their God-given bent.

Our Vision

  • We make soccer available at a competitive level in urban, collegiate communities, starting with the Henry Hill and Greater Vine City communities of NW Atlanta, Georgia.
  • We partner with non-profits and organizations already impacting the lives of youth.
  • We create a bridge between the college campuses and the surrounding communities.
  • We expose youth beyond their environment to create mental images of what their lives could be.

Our Dreams

  • We make soccer “second nature” and affordable in low-income unserve and underserved communities.
  • We increase self-esteem of  through participation in an organized and supportive program of team activities.
  • We build positive social and life skills.
  • We create a fun environment for each player to enjoy.
  • We develop players who could play at the college level.

Our Areas of Focus

Fundamentals of Soccer: Implement the United States Soccer Federation (USSF) Soccer Across America Program, Developing the individual

Fundamentals of Life: Life Purpose Training, Emotionally Healthy Spirituality, Leadership Development, Job Skills (soccer referees & coaches)

Family Support: Being a resource and support for parents

Our Strategy


– training youths in the fundamentals of the game of soccer


– mobilizing volunteers, parents and partners in supporting soccer for low-income youths


– investing in efforts to build the lives of players and their families

 Our Foundational Principle

We focus on the fundamentals of soccer and life.

 2016 priorities

  1. Establish board with 1 year commitment
  2. Obtain 501c3 status
  3. Submit proposals for 2 grants
  4. Develop strategic relationships and partnerships with Universities with soccer programs as well as soccer clubs in close proximities to low-income communities we serve
  5. Develop a strategic plan and related services for supporting our areas of focus
  6. Continue to run City of Refuge Soccer Program and Create a FCA Urban Soccer “Academy” and “Select” teams
  7. Engage parents to influence the entire family

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